neon metropolis future dystopia

Just another shitty day at work working for the community hall in Bronx it has to be the poorest part of New York littered with the homless. But it’s nice because I get to escape all the neon lights and hussle n bussle of the city center. I get to surround myself with more real people not brain dead money driven workers. But hear I am on the subway surrounded by them and neon lights flooding everyone eyes. It’s all a blur to me purples greens and pinks. A loud “Beep” is followed by a “schh” as the subway doors inch open. A strange group of men walk on wearing leather gang jackets with lights on their collars complimented by their masks. They were already causing trouble amongst the passengers. The last thing I want to do is be harassed by these idiots on the subway; with their stupid masks and neon lit jackets one of them had a full face mask of a goat, strange. What kinda idiot gang members wear masks well that’s what i felt like saying anyway but I know I would be foreshadowing my own beating after a shit day to some pathetic goons. Ever since they had to cut down on the actual presence of cops because they went overboard on advertising there were not a single cop on the subway.  My eyes were just flooded by neon lit advertising and propaganda. The gang members were walking towards me i’m not scared but I know it wouldn’t be fun. I identified what gang members they were when one of them pulled up his sleeves to look tough but also revel a dimly lit purple jackal, explains why they were on the subway they were just a wannabe gang not about power, just entertaining themselves by picking on people with no chance of fighting back. I hadn’t seen the gang on the news in months they must have gone under the radar at least they were a low tier gang anyway. One of them was giant but they all looked sluggish and un-athletic they proceeded to walk toward my direction but past me, few I didn’t wanted have to deal with them today. They proceeded over to a much smaller guy wearing glasses leaning on the wall. The guy looked wealthy for someone who was riding the subway an easy target he was dressed in nice jeans and a clean white shirt but he had expensive glasses and a watch I could only dream of. The guy  looked up at the gang members who had already surrounded him. He said “no fun today boys,” when he showed his wrist was lit neon green. He was government protected probably trained well in combat or something. The gang members smirked and chuckled “and what? are you special or something”,one of them pulled out a gun the small guy said that’s not real it’s impossible to get a gun on the subway. The big guy laughed and said want to find out. I stood up it was a real gun I have seen my friend smithing those illegal popcap guns undetectable and compact perfect for public destruction. I said “you don’t want to find out” and nodded at the gun. The gang members immediately walked over to me but my stop was about 30 seconds away I had to get off, a sense of stress shoots my body causing me to sit back down. The small man who I still hadn’t identified stood up straight “bamb” he roundhouse kicked the big guy straight to the floor he was out cold. The other members scowled as one of them attempted to pick up the gun. He was immediately kicked to the ground  followed by a punch in the nose. The one with a pink goat mask the only one who looked athletic pulled out a gold gun “boom” he shot the small man in between the eyes blood trickled down his face and some landed on my jeans. The trains doors beeped it was my stop I ran as did everyone else escaping the chaos that unfolded in such a short amount of time. I ran out into the the neon flooded city and watched as police forces with complete overkill gear ran onto the subway. To apprehend the man in the mask.  More screams are heard from higher up the street as a van comes zooming down the footpath opposite of me, everyone jumps out of the way I continue to watch the series of events unfold more gang members hop out of the van with ars and small smgs and start taking some people off the street hostage the van continues to drive towards the subway station where only gunshots can be heard the van swerves to a stop with more gang members hoping out and unloading all their rounds on the officers they go down quick and there was not an officer standing just a pile of blue men in a pool of blood. The man with the mask bolts for the van carrying a large black duffle bag and a police helicopter is now over the area no doubt this won’t be on the jolly fake news. I run instead of spectating more blood being shed the robotic e medics are already helping people hit from the van. The apartment block is 5 blocks away but the guy in the mask points at me I take a quick shortcut I learnt from the days i used to sneak out at night,I sprint threw the mystic gardens I pass purple wisteria trees and giant willows hurdling over various exotic shrubs and bushes I exit the gardens by its main stone arch way and continue to dash down the street seeing all the neon lit restaurants and their personal bots welcoming me as i dash passed. Stupid robots .I stop dead in my tracks as i see another pink mask on the edge of the curb trickled with blood, none of it makes sense an ambulance of e-medics drives past with their sirens on. I just continue down the street I glance back they didnt follow me well that was easy I said, I continue passing various stores and billboards I’m nearly there. A sense of relief passes threw my body as I reach the worn apartment block ahh I made it I start to enter my pin to the apartment then thud a blunt object smashes the back of my skull  I fall dazed towards the dirty pavement another thud darkness consumes me and I hear a van door slam. It smells musty and i hear some mumbles around me, consciousness leaves me.

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