Metaphor analysis

Point: In act 1 scene 2 the wounded captain who has returned from the battle field uses a stronger and complex metaphor to describe the battle and how evenly matched both apposing sides were.

Example: The captain used this metaphor to describe the battle that he had just left he said to Duncan the king
Quote: “Doubtful it stood, as two spent swimmers,that do cling together and choke their art”

Explanation: This metaphor tells that there are two swimmers in this case the two sides of battle. It also mentions they are spent meaning they are both tired from in this case fighting. It mentions they are clung together and choke their art. Now this is the metaphor if a pair of swimmers were bound together they wouldn’t be able to swim properly there for choking their art art meaning there ability to swim. So the metaphor in context to what has happened prior the metaphor tells the two sides of battle are tired and evenly matched not allowing each other to win or progress in the fight.

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