dystopian prepositions

Beyond it’s guarded drawbridge lies a dark towering factory surrounded by murky water. It is heavily fortified around the edges and hence why it may be on an isolated lake. The clouds and pollution drowned the life out of the sky,creating a gloomy atmosphere. The guards walked around with their eyes fixed on the horizon examining all life in the distance. The guard dogs doing the same following the guards around but listening for everything. All that could be heard was a small highway and some people under its underpass tagging and grafetteing its cold stone walls. Much like the factories walls that they were dull and cold like the majority of the city but the factory drew all your attention towards it due to its great size. The factory looked like it was making and protecting something of great value. As the world was in a corrupt state anyone would do anything to make a quick buck. This was something more industrial something probably government maintained putting money in the pockets of the rich and leaving the poor in a inevitable struggle that was impossible get out of. The working class were also miserable only surviving on minimum wage due to the cities poor infrastructure and revenue. They had to make their money off weapons and other high value goods because no one ever wanted to visit the city because they would not be able to leave tourism was scarce because of its highest crime rate and drug use in the world. The city was only standing on one leg a very rich but weak leg that would give out and crumble at any time spinning everything into chaos.


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