and lips, O you The doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss A dateless bargain to engrossing death. Revision activity identify how conflict used to convey key ideas Conflict is throughout the play of romeo and juliet. Whether it’s between the families or characters the play has two types of conflicts. internal conflicts and […]

Shakespeare’s language is where his true genius lies a quote from the prologue shows this and supports his genius.“A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life”  This quote shows how much information and meaning can be compressed into a single line and Shakespeare’s depth in his writing. The quote is a metaphor that means to […]

1  close up man waitress level angle zoom 2  long auditorium ots 3 mid shot corbin dallas level angle zoom 4 long shot stage level angle 5  long shot audience ots blue lady 6  mid shot of blue lady level angle 7  close up on corbin dallas level angle 8  mid shot blue lady level […]

Just another shitty day at work working for the community hall in Bronx it has to be the poorest part of New York littered with the homless. But it’s nice because I get to escape all the neon lights and hussle n bussle of the city center. I get to surround myself with more real […]

Beyond it’s guarded drawbridge lies a dark towering factory surrounded by murky water. It is heavily fortified around the edges and hence why it may be on an isolated lake. The clouds and pollution drowned the life out of the sky,creating a gloomy atmosphere. The guards walked around with their eyes fixed on the horizon […]

Fate in Romeo and Juliet is used throughout the play and is a key part of the plot.The definition of fate is a predetermined course of events that are inevitable. It also suits the time frame of the play, as in Elizabethan times people were very religious and Christian; they used fate as a means […]

Location:the church yard, the cemetery and tomb Time:thursday night Characters:Friar Lawrence,Paris,Page,romeo,balthasar,Juliet,Captain of the watch,second watchmen,third watchmen,Prince,Capulet,Lady capulet,Montague Events:Paris visits juliet’s grave to show respects but romeo shows up with balthasar to visit juliet.Paris misinterprets them as decipating tybalt’s grave so Paris engages in combat with romeo but romeo kills him.Romeo discovers Juliet’s tomb and describes […]

location :friar lawrences cell time:thursday morning Characters:Friar Lawrence,Friar John Events:Friar Lawernece and Friar John discuss why lawrences letter didn’t make it to romeo but they think of a new way to bring romeo and juliet together. Quote:Holy Franciscan friar,brother, ho!  

Location: Mautua Time:Wednesday Morning Characters:Balthasar,Romeo and Apothecary Events:Friar lawrences letter was lost about the plan and did not reach Romeo so he hears threw Balthasar of Juliets death. So romeo wants to take his life. Quote:”Is it so?then I defy you,stars!”