act 3 scene 2 summary

characters: Macbeth Lady Macbeth servant


summary: Lady Macbeth asks a servant if Banquo is already gone. When she realizes he has, she asks the servant to get Macbeth for a little chat and he tells his wife she should say a lot of really nice things about Banquo, flatter him, and maybe even flirt with him a little. Macbeth drops hints to Lady Macbeth that something terrible will happen perhaps. Lady Macbeth is still at unease

Act 3 summary

Location: Macbeths courtyard

characters: Banquo, Macbeth ,Lady Macbeth, Attendent, 1 Murderer, 2 Murderer

summary: Banquo expresses his fears that Macbeth murdered Duncan and begins to wonder whether the Witches prophecies will about will come true. Macbeth then sends everyone away to consider his fears about Banquo. Macbeth introduces two murderers and he reminds them of a earlier conversation in which he proved that Banquo persucuted them

Metaphor analysis

Point: In act 1 scene 2 the wounded captain who has returned from the battle field uses a stronger and complex metaphor to describe the battle and how evenly matched both apposing sides were.

Example: The captain used this metaphor to describe the battle that he had just left he said to Duncan the king
Quote: “Doubtful it stood, as two spent swimmers,that do cling together and choke their art”

Explanation: This metaphor tells that there are two swimmers in this case the two sides of battle. It also mentions they are spent meaning they are both tired from in this case fighting. It mentions they are clung together and choke their art. Now this is the metaphor if a pair of swimmers were bound together they wouldn’t be able to swim properly there for choking their art art meaning there ability to swim. So the metaphor in context to what has happened prior the metaphor tells the two sides of battle are tired and evenly matched not allowing each other to win or progress in the fight.

Act 1 Scene 3

Setting: Heath(hill) near battle field

Characters: The 3 witches Macbeth Banquo

summary: The witches mess with Macbeths head telling him will be thane of cawdor and soon to be king. Banquo warns Macbeth that they could be leading him to danger but Macbeth ponders on thought what he will have to do to be king more specifically killing the king.

quote “So foul and fair a day I have not seen”

Act 1 scene 4

Setting: King duncans palace

Characters: Duncan Malcolm Banquo Macbeth

Summary: Malcom tells Duncan that Cawdor confesses his treason and has been executed and Cawdor is said to die nobley and repent on his crimes (take remorse and regret on his crimes).Then Macbeth and Banquo walk in and Duncan announces his intention to name Malcolm next to be king.

Quote “There’s no art To find mind’s construction in the face:”

Act1 scene2

Quote:” what he hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won”

Characters : Malcom Lenox Duncan Rosse Captain

setting : Scotland military camp

scene summary: Duncan the king of scotland his two sons and a scottish noblemen are at a military camp where a wounded Captain arrives from battle where he fought to help Duncan’s son, Malcolm, escape.

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