act5 scene 3 summary

Location:the church yard, the cemetery and tomb

Time:thursday night

Characters:Friar Lawrence,Paris,Page,romeo,balthasar,Juliet,Captain of the watch,second watchmen,third watchmen,Prince,Capulet,Lady capulet,Montague

Events:Paris visits juliet’s grave to show respects but romeo shows up with balthasar to visit juliet.Paris misinterprets them as decipating tybalt’s grave so Paris engages in combat with romeo but romeo kills him.Romeo discovers Juliet’s tomb and describes how she still looks alive but she is dead to romeo.So romeo drinks his poison and kills himself lying next to paris. Juliet wakes up seconds after romeo kills himself and picks up romeos dagger and kills herself.The captian of the watch discovers the blood stained ground and all the bodies.

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