Location: Mautua Time:Wednesday Morning Characters:Balthasar,Romeo and Apothecary Events:Friar lawrences letter was lost about the plan and did not reach Romeo so he hears threw Balthasar of Juliets death. So romeo wants to take his life. Quote:”Is it so?then I defy you,stars!”

Location;Capulet household Time:Wednesday morning Characters:Friar Lawrence Capulet Lady Capulet Paris Peter First musician second musician Nurse Events:Juliet appeares dead as she takes the poison as the nurse discovers her.Friar Lawrence tries to convince the capulets to put her in her tomb so she does not wake up.He also is harsh about how death happens for […]

Location:Capulet household Tuesday: afternoon Characters:Lady Capulet,Capulet,Nurse,Juliet,First Servingmen,Second Servingmen Events:Juliet doubts Friar Lawrences poison and his loyalty Questioning whether it will work or kill her so she brang a dagger so she doesn’t have to marry Paris. Juliet Sides with her father to not attract any attention to her plan.So the wedding is sped up to […]

Location:Friar Lawrences cell Time:Tuesday morning Characters:Friar Lawrence,Paris,Juliet Events:

Location:Juliets bedroom Time:Morning on Tuesday Characters:Romeo Juliet Lady capulet Capulet and Nurse Events:Before dawn romeo must leaves to begin his exile or he will be killed by morning.Romeo is unphased and struck by love. The nurse enters to Tell them lady capulet is coming. Romeo parts in tears and is standing in the orchard when […]

Place:Capulet house Time:monday night Characters:Nurse and Events: The Nurse tells Juliet about Tybalt’s death and how Romeo has shed his blood.Juliet also understands that if Romeo didn’t kill him tybalt would have slaughtered Romeo. Juliet weeps in Tybalt’s name but is more worried about Romeo’s banishment which she exclaims it is worse then death.Juliet also […]

Location: Capulets house Time:Monday Midday Characters: Juliet, Nurse Events:Juliet wants to know if Romeo wants to get married but Nurse is delaying and whining about her back and how she is in so much pain which frustrates Juliet even more.  

Time:Monday Afternoon Characters:Benvolio,Mercutio,Tybalt,Romeo,Prince,Lady capulet,The Officer Events:Romeo returns from his wedding to find Mercutio and benvolio arguing with Tybalt.When Tybalt beats up romeo because he refuses to fight .things escalate further when mercutio stands up for romeo and takes a few swings so Tybalt stabs him.  Mercutio dies in romeos arms. So Romeo goes on a […]

Location: At the Church Characters:Romeo and Friar Lawrence Time: monday morning Events:Romeo tells Friar Lawrence about marrying Juliet but Lawrence talks of rosalind and how rushed Romeo is going into this. Friar Lawrence is also concerned of their two families thoughts on their marriage. Quote:’Lo here upon thy cheek the stain doth sit of an […]

Location:Capulets household Time:Sunday night Characters:Romeo, Juliet and the Nurse Events:Romeo climbs over the guards wall toconfesses his love for Juliet, she brings up their families strongly hate each other but they don’t care because their love is too strong and passionate so they want to get married. By tomorrow. Quote:’That which we call a rose […]